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Cannabis-Inclusive Autism Care Model

ESTABLISHED NEED: In the US, we lack dignified living options for our growing population of children/young adults with Autism, leaving parents to fill this role for longer than they may feel capable. It’s common for Autism parents to express fear of dying before their child, citing the nightmare status of current options available to provide lifelong Autism care and support. The few programs that are available entail years-long waitlists, and offer little to no focus on resident’s quality of life or promoting optimized function.

EXPECTED GROWTH: Autism prevalence has continued rising unabated in the US, and has increased from 1 in 10,000 in the 1970’s to 1 in 59 as of 2014 (school age). Stephanie Seneff, PhD, a renowned Autism researcher, predicts Autism will impact 1 in 2 live births by the year 2025. It’s estimated that 50% of children with Autism suffer a behavioral crisis upon entering puberty, a common catalyst for resulting out of home placement due to safety concerns. This problem is expected to continue growing with increased Autism prevalence, which justifies pursuing a care home model that offers improved behavior management efficacy and quality of life outcomes.

INSPIRATIONNurse Janna Champagne, BSN, RN is mother to Ginny, a teen girl with Autism expected to require lifelong and intensive caregiving supports. Janna chose a unique path for treating her daughter, including cannabis and natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals, with heavy focus on quality of life/optimized function, and use of other researched Autism supports. Janna speaks for every parent faced with subpar options to care for their child with Autism, and understands first-hand the desperate need for improved care and supports. Janna’s mission is to create a model that facilitates a natural progression of decreased involvement from Autism parents/families allowing an optimal child to adult transition process. Janna is a prominent advocate for Autism families in the US, and her daughter’s success story was widely distributed when it published on the cover of a nationwide magazine in 2017. Inspiration for Phase 2 Expansion: The Legacy Village

GOAL:  Provide Optimal Quality of Life and Function

Integrations Include:

Caregivers Trained on ABA/Behavior Plan Approach

Research-supported Autism Supports: IDEAS

Create Nursing Agency to Administer Meds/Oversee Cannabis Protocols


Phase 1: Individualized & Proactive Behavior Management & Care

Research Outcomes compared with other models, duplicate once proven sustainable

Phase 2:  Culinary and Job Skills Training, All-Inclusive Community Supports (Phase 2)

Family housing, Socialization & Community Involvement (Phase 2)


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