Janna Champagne, BSN, RN

We collaborated with Nurse Janna, the founder of Autism Safe Haven, in formulating Unity Formulas’ targeted products. Janna’s commitment and passion for cannabinoid medicine, and putting patients first, made her a perfect fit for us.


Janna is a retired nurse and herbalist whose introduction to the cannabis industry began as a cannabis patient, after suffering a debilitating immune health collapse in 2012. Janna credits cannabis for helping to reduce her reliance on harmful pharmaceuticals and for supporting her ability to regain her health against all odds. Janna is also known for her success in treating her daughter's Autism with cannabis. This became the cover story in a national industry magazine in 2017.


Janna worked as a cannabis-specialty nurse since 2015, and has educated thousands of patients, helping them optimize their cannabis therapy outcomes through an individualized and well-informed approach. Janna also educates nurses and other medical professionals through her creation of cannabis science courses, with both accredited content and college level offerings.


Janna collaborated with Unity Formulas to create unique and optimal therapeutic quality cannabis tinctures, to help facilitate improved outcomes in consumers choosing cannabis therapy to address health concerns.


Janna is a founding member of Cannabis Nurses Network, serving on CNN's Speaker's Bureau, and has been awarded every year since 2019. Her peer-awarded designations include: Leader of Nursing, Outstanding Author, Educator of the Year, and Contributor of the Year, plus an honorable mention as Nurse Mentorof the Year.  Janna has created several accredited cannabis nurse education programs, and also serves as a cannabis college professor, teaching future medical practitioners enrolled in John Patrick University’s Integrative Medicine Degree Programs.


Janna volunteers on the 2023 Oregon Ryan’s Law team, and also on the 2023 Oregon Cannabis Healthcare Act Coalition, and she is founder and Executive Directors of the board for nonprofit Autism Safe Haven. For more information please visit media kit website: www.jannachampagne.com