Practitioner Support

If you are an affiliate and practitioner needing assistance regarding product information, Nurse Janna is available to support.


We collaborated with Nurse Janna, the founder of Autism Safe Haven, in formulating Unity Formulas’ targeted products. Janna’s commitment and passion for cannabinoid medicine, and putting patients first, made her a perfect fit for us.


Janna's focus is holistic treatment--natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals including CBD and cannabis therapy--and epigenetic screening (nutrigenomics). She has worked as a cannabis-specialty nurse since 2015, and has educated thousands of patients, helping them optimize their cannabis therapy outcomes through an individualized and well-informed approach. By working with thousands of patients, Janna has gained extensive clinical knowledge. Her expertise, combined with evidence-based research, are responsible for her ability to deal with complex medical problems and to unlock the body’s potential for deeper healing.  In addition, Janna is able to use a person’s genetic profile to help customize her therapy recommendations.