Cannabis Courses

Holistic Caring was established in 2016 by Elisabeth Mack, R.N., BSN, MBA, to bridge the gaps between traditional and CBD medicine through education and services to patients. They offer the Holistic Caring CBD Health Coaching curriculum to train others how to approach and practice medicinal cannabis therapeutics.

Holistic Caring Vision and Mission

Our mission and vision is to provide the educational process and programs needed to train health professionals. Providers then serve their patients, guiding them to effectively use medicinal formulations, thus creating a CBD Health Ecosystem. 

Dispensaries focus on compliance, cash management, branding, and sales.  Therefore, knowledgeable independent professionals are the solution for those who want dialed in results, saving time and money. By expanding our reach by offering a breadth of knowledge to educate CBD Health Coaches we advocate for empowered healthcare options for patients with more effective outcomes. Inspiring others to learn more about healthcare in tandem with a new American industry makes it an exciting journey full of adventure and accomplishment.

Coach Courses

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