Balm 3 Pack

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Balm 3 Pack

We work in conjunction with The Lighthearted Farmer to provide potent herbal topicals. Like our oils, they are nurse approved and targeted for specific symptoms.

This pack brings you the intelligence of the Earth, Fire, and Ice Balms!

Size of each jar: 2 oz

- The herbs are potent so a little bit goes a long way

- Consistency is firm but goes on smooth

*For specific information on each balm, please visit the individual pages of the balms.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product has not been approved to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


  • 5
    Ice Balm

    Posted by Mel Reuchert on Aug 12th 2022

    Love this product. Helps with my husbands arthritis pain. And it also killed his toe fungus!!! Wowzer!!

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    CBD Balm

    Posted by Loreta on Mar 1st 2021

    I love these CBD balm products! I have experienced stabbing foot/heal pain for over a year. This last week I have started applying fire balm in the morning and ice balm at night. For the first time in over a year, I feel the pain receding instead of increasing! I am excited to see the results with this second week of application!

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    Review 5 Stars

    Posted by Rhonda M on Feb 8th 2021

    Amazing products - the Balms; Earth, Ice and Fire - I have been using these and want to share how I have seen them work! I had a brown spot on my face for years, last summer I noticed it was turning red so I was thinking about making a doctors appointment to get it checked out. I started applying earth and ice balm a few times a day...within 2 weeks, I was rubbing the balm in and noticed I could not find the spot! - the redness was completely gone and all irritation gone! My mother, 86 years old, was having swelling and redness in her knee. It was getting worse with the redness going down her leg and she could not put any weight on her leg. She began rubbing Earth and Ice Balm on her knee and leg, after a couple weeks she was able to walk on it and noticed the redness disappearing. Within 3 weeks she had no more swelling or redness and could walk on it without it hurting. My granddaughter had a gland that was inflamed and very painful. She used alternately the Earth and Ice Balm - within 2 Days it burst! and was draining puss from it. Within a week, it was normal! These Balms are my First Go To after seeing how they DO work and help in fighting infections, inflammation and other sores and hurts. I always keep some on hand!!

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    Pain be gone

    Posted by Oscar Barron on Jul 9th 2020

    I wont say this is a miracle cure and I do not know if it will work for everyone but my cousin got me started on the fire balm. I used the fire balm until I had no more for back, knee, hip discomfort. After not using it for a while I started hurting so I decided to buy the three pack. I now use the Ice Balm for my back, the fire balm for my hip and knee and the earth for headaches. This product has to be used at least once a day sometimes more depending on your condition but a little goes a long way. Hope this helps, Good luck!